Research Hub Evaluation Process

Assessing your research ideas

Research ideas submitted to the Research Hub are evaluated via a two-phase process by the Research Hub's Research Panel.

Scheme operators have the opportunity to influence the decision of the Research Panel through participation in an annual SurveyMonkey. The survey asks participants to score the research ideas submitted to the Hub, and should the respondent wish, provide comments on each idea. The results of the SurveyMonkey will be analysed by REAL and presented to the Research Panel before the first phase of evaluation is initiated. The SurveyMonkey results are considered advisory. 

Two-phase evaluation process:

1. During Phase One of evaluation, the Research Panel will assess each research idea submitted, and determine whether it will be shortlisted. Results of the SurveyMonkey will be considered.

2. The Research Panel meets for a second time to decide which of the shortlisted and further developed research project summaries should go forward to tender. In taking this decision, they consider the available budget, the feasibility of achieving meaningful outcomes and the topic’s relevance to the sectors. In practice, this is likely to be a minimum of one and a maximum of two research projects