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The Research Hub welcome your research ideas!

How to Submit a Research Proposal:
If you would like to submit a research proposal to us, please do so by outlining your research idea in a Research Proposal Submission Form (here). Your research idea should be brief and should surmise the nature of the project and what the research aims to achieve.

Once the Form is complete, please email the document to the current Research Hub Manager (contact info here).

Click here to view the Research Hub Project Selection process for 2021 and onwards.

Research ideas should only be submitted during a designated submission window. The Hub issues a call for research ideas in January of each year - a notification will be sent out annually to CCS/BCS operators and industry, to remind them of the upcoming submission period.

n.b. Research Project Proposals previously submitted to the Hub, whether shortlisted or not, but not selected for commissioning, will not be automatically reconsidered by the Research Hub's Research Panel during the next round of evaluation. If you would like your proposal to be reconsidered, please re-submit this to the Hub using the Submission Form