The Research Hub Tender Process

Tendering for a project commissioned through the Research Hub

REAL appoints a contractor for each project commissioned by the Research Hub through a competitive tender process.

The contractor is appointed by the Project Management Team (PMT) through the tender process or as agreed with the Research Hub's Research Panel (RP). The tender process includes but is not limited to the following steps:

  1. A Tender Invitation Document (TID) is prepared by the PMT and uploaded onto the Research Hub website.
  2. Questions are invited from prospective tenderers on the TID until the deadline date set by the PMT, with the Q&A document made publicly available on the Research Hub website.
  3. The tenders are evaluated and scored by the PMT against five assessment criteria: cost; methodology; authority, skills, and technical capability of nominated personnel; corporate environmental commitment; and relevant experience.
  4. Clarification or additional information is sought from the tenderers if necessary.
  5. Tenderers are invited to an interview by the PMT. They are evaluated and scored against five assessment criteria: understanding of the project; explanation of the methodology; competency; enthusiasm and interest in the project; and relevance of questions posed to the PMT.
  6. The PMT meets to review the interview(s) and taking the entire process into account, selects the successful tenderer.

To date, REAL has run four tender processes. The TID's for the first, second, third and fourth projects of the Research Hub can be found within the respective hyperlinks.