NNFCC, in partnership with Vital, were selected as the project contractor in December 2019.

REAL worked closely with NNFCC throughout the project duration, hosting monthly team meetings and fortnightly one-on-one meetings, between Olivia Furssedonn, Research Hub Manager, and Lucy Hopwood, Project and Technical Manager for NNFCC.

REAL are particularly pleased to have worked with NNFCC on the project, benefiting from their knowledge and insights within the Organics Recycling industry. From the outset, NNFCC grasped the concept of the project brilliantly, the outputs of which were enhanced by NNFCC's impressive profile of contacts and affiliates, alongside their history of experience across the sector. 

Lucy Hopwood said: "We were delighted to be selected to work with REAL on such a key and influential project for the Organics Recycling industry. In such a dynamic sector, the Research Library will be extremely valuable in informing the focus of future research. 

Given the significance of the UK's Net Zero ambition, further development and improvement in the industry is essential to maximise value and minimise impacts, at a time sustained growth, in particular in AD, is expected to continue."

REAL have contracted NNFCC to carry out the Library maintenance for at least one year post project completion.