Governance of the Research Hub

Decisions taken by the Hub

The Hub is managed by REAL, for which it charges an administrative fee equal to 10% of the Research Hub’s annual income. The administration fee covers the management of the Hub, as well as the marketing, communication and IT costs. 

To ensure that the work of the Research Hub is transparent and in line with its objectives, REAL have established a Governance Committee (the Committee), a Research Panel (the Panel) and a Project Management Team (the PMT).

I. Governance Committee

The operation of the Research Hub is overseen by the Committee. The Committee review the Hub’s development progress and manage its funds. The Committee convenes at least three times a year.

Members of the Committee are as follows: 

  • Michael Chesshire (Chair)
  • Virginia Graham
  • Justyna Staff
  • Toyin Owadayo
  • Stephen Lister

The Terms of Reference for the Governance Committee can be found here

II. Research Panel

The Research Panel (the Panel) is responsible for deciding which research projects will be funded and, once selected, for overseeing the management of the research projects. The Panel carries out its functions to ensure that the Research Hub meets its objectives in an effective and efficient manner. The Panel is comprised of independent stakeholders with expertise in assessing research priorities in the composting and anaerobic digestion sectors including; Environmental Regulators, Government Representatives and Trade Bodies.

Members of the Panel are as follows:

  • Pamela Taylor (Chair)
  • Olivia Furssedonn - Renewable Energy Assurance Limited 
  • Emily Nichols - REA Organics Recycling Group
  • Mat Davis - Environment Agency 
  • Fiona Donaldson - Scottish Environment Protection Agency 
  • Alison McKinnie - Zero Waste Scotland 
  • Samuel Hare - Defra
  • Gregor Keenan - CCS Operators Representative 
  • Jo Chapman or Tom Brown - BCS Operators Representative

The Terms of Reference for the Research Panel can be found here

III. Project Management Team

The Project Management Team is the body authorised by the Research Hub’s Research Panel and is responsible for the management of a specific project. A new Project Management Team will be selected for each project the Hub commissions; the PMT is appointed by the Panel. The PMT will consist of a combination of a REAL representative and members of the Panel. The Panel may seek individuals outside of REAL/the Panel to sit on the PMT, depending on the nature of the research project. 

The Terms of Reference for the Project Management Team can be found here

Project Contractor  

The contractor for each research project will be selected, by the PMT and as agreed with the Panel, through a competitive tender process.