Tender for a Project

REAL appoints a contractor for each project commissioned by the Research Hub via a competitive tender process. If you would like to contract for a Research Hub project, please consider submitting a tender.

Current Tender Opportunities

The Research Hub has no current tender opportunities. Check back soon!

How to Tender for a Project:

Referencing the project’s TID, please produce a submission document. Completed Tender applications should be sent to the Research Hub Manager (contact info here) prior to the deadline given in the TID.

The complete Tender Process including evaluation criteria can be found in the Hub’s How it Works Paper.

n.b. Each project’s TID will have unique specifications/requirements, so please read the document carefully and take care to include all relevant details.

n.b. While each project’s aims and objectives will be firmly stated in the TID, we encourage tenderers to be creative regarding project delivery (i.e., methods and deliverables).