The Research Hub Project Selection Process

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Call for research ideas

Are you a CCS/BCS participant, a member of the Organics Recycling industry, or more generally interested in the composting and/or anaerobic digestion sectors? If so - we'd love to hear from you!

At the start of each year, the Research Hub issues a call for research ideas/propoals. This is an opportunity for you to influence the work of the Hub, and indicate to the Hub which research areas you believe need driving forward.
n.b. research ideas should only be submitted to the Hub during a designated call period. 

Research Hub Project Selection Process - 2021 and onwards

The Research Hub Project Selection Process, from 2021 onwards, will be as follows:


-The Hub Secretariat issues a call for research project ideas on BCS and CCS websites and at the winter Fora Meetings. The call will run for approximately 6 weeks.
-Secretariat collects research project ideas and sorts them according to similar topics and themes they cover.
-Stephen Nortcliff, Advisor to REAL, contacts organisations or individuals who submitted research project ideas to obtain further information where needed.
-SN pulls together a summary for each distinct research project idea (which could be an amalgamation of several if more than one submitted covered the same topic or theme). The summary should contain sufficient but not excessive level of detail to allow for initial evaluation and ranking of the idea (description of the work, the desired outcomes and the project’s relevance and benefits to the compost/and or the digestate sectors).
-Secretariat runs a SurveyMonkey poll inviting BCS and CCS Scheme operators to provide a score and a ranking for each summary, together with any comments.
-The Research Panel meets to discuss the research project summaries, considering the results of the SurveyMonkey poll. The Research Panel uses the Phase 1 Evaluation Criteria to assess the research project summaries and shortlists those scoring the highest.
-SN further develops each of the shortlisted research project summaries.
-The Research Panel meets for a second time to decide which of the shortlisted and further developed research project summaries should go forward to tender. In taking this decision, they consider the available budget, the feasibility of achieving meaningful outcomes and the topic’s relevance to the sectors. In practice, this is likely to be a minimum of one and a maximum of two research projects.
-The Secretariat establishes a Project Management Team for each research project.

The Research Hub Project Contractor process

Following the Project Selection Process, the Research Hub carry out the following steps in order to secure a contractor for the selected research work. The below steps set out the tender process carried out by the Hub:


-The Secretariat issues an Invitation to Tender to carry out the research together with an approximate budget for each of the research project summaries selected by the Research Panel. Those responding are invited to define the research methodology and the outcomes and justify how they can be achieved within the available budget.
The Project Management Team evaluates the responses to the TID received and decides which ones should go forward for interview. Taking everything into account, the Project Management Team recommends the successful bidder for each research project.
-The Secretariat awards the contract to the successful bidder in each case.


n.b. The Research Hub will run a competitve tender process for each research idea selected for comissioning. Should your research idea be selected to take forwards, you will not automatically be appointed as the project contractor, though you may submit a tender in response to our Tender Invitation Document.