Plant Response Test Interpretation and Comparison

"Plant Response Test Interpretation and Comparison: Investigating performance of the UK Tomato Plant Response Test and German Spring Barley Test on CCS Compost"

Project Overview

This project is currently ongoing.

The aims of the project are:

  • To compare the performance of the spring barley PRT with the tomato PRT on CCS composts with a view to adding the spring barley PRT in future versions of PAS 100
  • To use the spring barley PRT results and compost sample characterisation analysis to better understand tomato PRT performance/failure

To fulfil these aims, the project’s key objectives are as follows:

  • Trial of a UK spring barley PRT method in CCS approved laboratory facilities.
  • Develop a dataset of the comparative performance of the tomato PRT and the spring barley PRT with CCS compost samples to support decision making in the development of PAS 100.
  • Use spring barley PRT performance data, alongside standard compost sample characterisation analysis, to better understand tomato PRT performance with regards to germination and top growth failure.