Plastic Contamination Method Assessment

"Evaluating current mass-based method and possible alternative methods of assessment for plastics in compost and digestate"

Project Overview

This project is currently ongoing.

This project aims to investigate whether the current methods for determining physical contaminants are fit for purpose and to explore the efficacy of alternative plastic assessment methods for potential adoption and to inform future limits under PAS100 and PAS110.  

Project Objectives:

  1. To assess the robustness and sensitivity of the current mass-based method for assessing plastic (physical contaminants) under PAS100 and PAS110.
  2. To consider whether an area-based method for quantifying film plastics is operationally feasible and robust and whether it would be feasible to implement for PAS100 and PAS110 materials.
  3. To investigate the feasibility of implementing microplastic analysis for compost and digestate on a research and development basis