Submit a Research Proposal

All projects funded by the Research Hub originate as research proposals. If you have an idea for the Hub’s next project, please consider submitting a research proposal.

 How to Submit a Research Proposal

Please fill out the Research Proposal Submission Form (here) and email the completed Form to the Research Hub Manager (contact info here). Anyone may submit a proposal.

You may find it helpful to refer to the Evaluation Criteria (below) when preparing your proposal. If you have a research idea but would like some guidance writing your proposal, please let us know and we may be able to offer support.

Research Proposals are evaluated all together at the close of the Hub’s annual Call for Proposals. If you are unsure when the Call for Proposals is running, please check the ‘News’ tab for any recent announcements or email

How Research Proposals are Evaluated

Research Proposals undergo a two-phase evaluation process during which the Research Panel meets to evaluate the research proposal according to two sets of Evaluation Criteria.

First, the Research Panel evaluates and shortlists the proposal submissions according to the Phase 1 Evaluation Criteria. Following Phase 1 evaluation, the shortlisted proposals are developed into project briefs. These briefs are subsequently evaluated and scored according to the Phase 2 Evaluation Criteria. The project(s) that score highest each year may be put forward for tender. The Phase 1 and 2 Evaluation Criteria are as follows:

Phase 1 Evaluation Criteria (Proposal Shortlisting):

  1. Maintain robustness of CCS and/or BCS and their associated Standard(s)
  2. Support the development of CCS and/or BCS and their associated Standard(s)
  3. Maintain confidence in the compost and/or digestate market(s)
  4. Support the growth of the composting and/or anaerobic digestion sector(s)
  5. Potential to inform discussion and identify barriers surrounding development of new compost and/or digestate markets

Phase 2 Evaluation Criteria (Project Selection):

  1. Justification for research: Is the design and execution of the research project inspired by an awareness and understanding of relevant research/studies and Scheme (CCS/BCS) issues?
  2. Innovation: Has a research problem or question of demonstrable significance and some originality been identified and defined in a clear and verifiable way?
  3. Financial feasibility: Considering the Hub's financial constraints, is the project feasible?


The complete Project Selection Process can be found in the Hub’s How it Works Paper.

n.b. Research Project Proposals previously submitted to the Hub but not selected for commissioning will not be automatically reconsidered by the Research Hub's Research Panel during the next round of evaluation. If you would like your proposal to be reconsidered, please re-submit this to the Hub using the Submission Form during the next Call for Proposals.

n.b. Once the Hub’s Research Panel has selected the proposed project(s) to be commissioned, the Hub will issue a public invitation to tender for the work. The submitter of any Research Proposal selected for commissioning will not automatically be appointed to carry out the project but will have the opportunity to tender for the work, should they wish.