The Research Library

"The development of a Research Library for the Organics Recycling industry"

Project Overview

The Research Library (available at is an online platform containing hundreds of research articles, technical reports, and policy papers on composting and anaerobic digestion.

The Research Library is regularly updated with new literature to reflect the ongoing developments in the organics recycling sector, particularly focusing on work from the past decade and of relevance to the UK. The Research Library also contains the results of a 2020 gap analysis and collates current research gaps, highlighting key areas for further research.  The ‘Submit Research’ feature also allows researchers in the field to submit their articles to be added to the Research Library.

The Research Library is a valuable tool to advance the composting and AD industries by:

  • Providing operators with centralised access to industry-related information across a range of topics (e.g., Associated Emissions, Feedstock & Pre-treatment, Process Optimisation, etc.)
  • Identifying under-researched areas within the sector to inform future Research Project Proposals submitted to the Research Hub.
  • Preventing research duplication, thus mitigating misuse of research funds
  • Informing regulators’ and industry stakeholders’ decision-making to support industry development.


Below is the search page of the Research Library, which can be seen after logging in.