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Research Hub Project 2 - Digestate Valorisation Survey LIVE

Posted: 9 July, 2021. Written by Olivia Furssedonn

Are you responsible for an AD site on the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS)?

As part of the second project of the Research Hub, 'To develop a ‘data pack’ on the properties, characteristics, and content of digestate that will provide the context for the development of new uses of outputs from Anaerobic Digesters', our project contractor, Solidsense Ltd, has pulled together a survey to aid the fulfilment of one of the projects two principle objectives:

Assess and report on the landscape for digestate-derived products and alternative uses, considering commercially ready and near-to-market technologies, to optimise digestate value 

If you are responsible for an AD site on the BCS, we encourage you to complete the 10-minute survey by clicking here. The survey aims to assess current digestate markets, drivers, and constraints to alternative digestate use/product development.

Please see the attached PDF, for further details on the survey. 

As a participant of the BCS, you will receive access to the full project report by Solidsense Ltd, detailing the findings of the second project of the Hub, on project completion. 

Please visit the Research Hub website to learn more about the most recent project the Research Hub has commissioned.

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