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The second project of the Research Hub - Contractor appointed & project work commenced

Posted: 10 May, 2021. Written by Olivia Furssedonn

REAL are very pleased to announce that a contractor for the second project of the Research Hub, 'To develop a 'data pack' on the properties, characteristics, and content of digestate that will provide the context for the development of new uses of outputs from Anaerobic Digesters' has been appointed.

Following a competitive tender period, the contract for the second project of the Research Hub has been awarded to Solidsense Ltd. Solidsense will be sub-contracting AquaEnviro and Cambridge Eco Ltd to carry out specific elements of the project.

The project has commenced this week and will run for a period of approximately seven months, with the work projected to be finalised at the end of November '21.

The project will gather information on the diversity of digestate characteristics produced across the UK, and how these characteristics relate to the feedstocks of the digesters. Currently, most digestate in the UK is applied directly to agricultural land; however, there limits on the land available and restrictions on the timing and quantity of application. 

The work is therefore designed to investigate alternative markets for digestates and explore technologies to develop new products from digestates.

You can find more information about the project here