Who We Are

The Research Hub works alongside the REAL Compost Certification Scheme (CCS) and Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS). CCS and BCS certify compost and digestate to a set of independent quality Standards (PAS 100 and PAS 110). CCS-certified compost and BCS-certified digestate is considered to have achieved end-of-waste and quality assured status.

REAL established the Research Hub to provide research support for technical and regulatory developments related to the production, testing, and use of certified compost and digestate.

What We Do

The Research Hub funds research to support the following objectives:

  • Maintain and improve the robustness of the Schemes (CCS and BCS) and related Standards (PAS 110 and PAS 100)
  • Reinforce confidence in the compost and anaerobic digestion markets
  • Contribute to the development of new markets, including identifying barriers

How It Works

The Research Hub sources research ideas via an open Call for Proposals at the start of each year. CCS and BCS participants are invited to feedback on proposals.

Proposals are then evaluated by an appointed ‘Research Panel’ of organics sector professionals, considering industry feedback.

Selected projects are funded through an annual Research Fee paid by CCS and BCS participants. REAL appoints a contractor to deliver each project. 

Latest News:

  • Report Published on RBP Test Improvements and Alternavites Project

    We are pleased to announce the publication of the Research Hub report entitled 'Evaluation of the potential for improvement of the Residual Biogas Potential test and investigation of alternative test procedures for ‘End of Waste’ biofertilisers'The report is the outcome of a project focused on the Residual Biogas Potential test, the only digestate stability test specified under PAS 110:2014. The project aimed to understand the cause of RBP test-related failures and invalid results, explore potential improvements to the method, and/or identify suitable alternatives...

    Posted: 28 March, 2024

  • Tender Opportunity Now Open!

    The Research Hub is pleased to offer an open invitation to tender for the role of Project Coordinator for our project on Plant Response Test Interpretation and Comparison. Open: 2nd February 2024.  Deadline: 15th March 2024.We are looking to appoint a Project Coordinator to liaise with appointed laboratories to manage the delivery, collection, and organisation of Spring Barley test data for the Research Hub project entitled ‘Plant Response Test Interpretation and Comparison: Investigating performance of the UK Tomato Plant Response Test and German Spring Barley Test on CCS Compost...

    Posted: 2 February, 2024