The role of the Hub

The REAL Compost and Biofertilislier Certification Schemes' Research Hub (referred to as "The Hub"), established in January 2019, is a mechanism designed to ensure that the Schemes are robust and fit for purpose. 

REAL recognises that there is need for new, accessible research to support innovation as well as changes to the Schemes and their Standards. The quality Standards (BSI PAS 100 and PAS 110) and laboratory test methods must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to reflect evolving legislation and the latest scientific evidence.

The primary benefit of the Research Hub is the increased amount of evidence available to the composting and anaerobic digestion industries, to ensure long-term competitiveness and growth.

Annual call for research ideas

Compost Certification Scheme (CCS) and Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS) Operators as well as the composting and anaerobic digestion industries can influence the work of the Hub through the submission of a Research Project Proposal. 

Each year in January, the Hub issues a call for Research Project Proposals whereby CCS and BCS participants and industry are invited to submit their research ideas to the Research Hub via a Submission Form.

Proposals submitted should aim to develop the technical and regulatory aspects of certified compost and digestate production, testing and usage, as well as meeting the Hub's Objectives.


Project selection process

Following the call period, the Hub's Research Panel will review and evaluate the proposals; a number of proposals will be shortlisted. Shortlisted proposals will be inputted to an online survey, which CCS and BCS Scheme participants will be invited to complete.

Following the SurveyMonkey, the results of which are considered advisory, the Panel will convene to determine, through a second evaluation phase, which shortlisted proposal(s) will be selected for commissioning. 

A contractor for the selected research project(s) will then be chosen through a competitive tender process.

Latest News:

  • Fourth Project – Contractor appointed and work commenced!

    REAL is very pleased to announce that Aqua Enviro has been awarded the contract to deliver the work for the Research Hub’s Fourth Project, ‘Evaluation of the potential for the improvement of the Residual Biogas Potential test and investigation of alternative test procedures for PAS110 biofertilisers.’ The project seeks to undertake a comprehensive technical evaluation of the Residual Biogas Potential (RBP) test, the only digestate stability testing regime currently recognised under PAS110)...

    Posted: 7 June, 2022

  • Call for Research Proposals – We want to hear your ideas!

    Do you have an idea for the Research Hub’s next project? We’re calling on you to share any industry-related research questions or ideas you would like the Hub to investigate in the coming year. To do so, simply submit a Research Proposal. How to Submit a Proposal: Briefly outline your proposed research project by completing a Research Proposal Submission Form (here) to the best of your ability...

    Posted: 14 March, 2022