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Call for Research Project Proposals - We want to hear from you!

Posted: 11 January, 2021. Written by Olivia Furssedonn

Scheme participants, as well as industry stakeholders, can influence the work of the Hub through the submission of a Research Project Proposal.

REAL has issued a third call for proposals to be submitted to the Hub - we welcome your research ideas.

Since its inception, REAL is very pleased to report that the Hub has commissioned two research projects (both originally submitted as research ideas during a Research Hub call for proposals):

  • The development of a Research Library for the Organics Recycling industry (completing in January '21)
  • To develop a 'data pack' on the properties, characteristics and content of digestate that will provide context for the development of new uses of outputs from Anaerobic Digesters (commencing in February '21)

If you would like to see your research idea come to fruition through the Research Hub, please submit a research proposal to us using a PDF version of the Research Proposal Submission Form (attached below), or a Word version of the Form here.

Alternatively, should you feel that you do not have adequate information to complete the Form at this time, but you wish to submit an idea to the Research Hub, please instead use a Word document to simply record the title of your idea, or to provide a brief explanation of your research topic. Please also include your contact details. 

The call for proposals will run for six weeks, from Monday 11th January 2021 until Friday 19th February 2021

Please send completed Research Proposal Submission Forms/Word documents to Olivia Furssedonn, Research Hub Manager, using Olivia can also be contacted for any Hub related enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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