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Fourth Project – Contractor appointed and work commenced!

Posted: 7 June, 2022. Written by Megan Muller-Girard

REAL is very pleased to announce that Aqua Enviro has been awarded the contract to deliver the work for the Research Hub’s Fourth Project, ‘Evaluation of the potential for the improvement of the Residual Biogas Potential test and investigation of alternative test procedures for PAS110 biofertilisers.’

The project seeks to undertake a comprehensive technical evaluation of the Residual Biogas Potential (RBP) test, the only digestate stability testing regime currently recognised under PAS110).

The specific project aims are as follows:

  • To identify any patterns associated with RBP test non-responses and test failures
  • To investigate whether it is possible to predict the 28-day test result by analysis earlier in the RBP test procedure
  • To explore whether there are any alternative procedures which might replace the standard RBP test

More information about the project can be found here

Aqua Enviro has begun work on the project and is projected to complete the project by April 2023. Further, Aqua Enviro is currently seeking to involve BCS operators in the project as much as possible. Any BCS operators interested in getting involved in the project can email

Any other questions about the project may also be addressed to