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The Anniversary of the Research Library (the First Project of the Research Hub)

Posted: 27 January, 2022. Written by Emma

It’s the anniversary of the REAL Research Library!

REAL are proud to announce that it’s the anniversary of the first project of the Research Hub titled ‘The development of a Research Library for the Organics Recycling industry’. The Library has been live and available for users for one year.

The Research Library is an online platform compiled of research undertaken across the composting and anaerobic digestion industries, with effort being focussed particularly on the past decade and on research that is of relevance to the UK.

The Library not only collates research that has been carried out across the industries, but it also highlights ‘research gaps’; areas of research that are limited or absent altogether. The Library content will advance industry knowledge, inform areas of focus for future Research Project Proposals to be submitted to and taken forwards by the Hub, and in turn drive industry forwards.

REAL contracted NNFCC, the project contractor, in partnership with Vital, to maintain the Research Library for the first-year post launch. Over the course of the year, NNFCC have worked hard to ensure that the Library content remains up-to-date, focused, and relevant, as well as continually testing the Library’s functionality. Among other tasks, NNFCC have been:

  • Reviewing content and updating the Website’s documents library and research library (articles, links, thematic summaries, and extended descriptions) to routinely identify and link new research into the Website.
  • Monitoring use of and traffic through the Website by reviewing user statistics, in order to inform future improvements and further developments, based on who is using the Website and how it is being used, searched, or navigated.

We’d like to remind our CCS/BCS operators that they can access the Research Library at no additional cost. If you would like to be reminded of your login details, please email

REAL will be issuing a call for Research Project Proposals in , why not use the ‘Research Gaps’ section of the Research Library to inspire your proposal?

REAL are pleased to report that we have contracted NNFCC to continue maintenance of the Library for at least another year.

You can access the library here.