An archive of REAL Research Hub News

  • Fourth Project – Contractor appointed and work commenced!

    REAL is very pleased to announce that Aqua Enviro has been awarded the contract to deliver the work for the Research Hub’s Fourth Project, ‘Evaluation of the potential for the improvement of the Residual Biogas Potential test and investigation of alternative test procedures for PAS110 bi...

    Posted: 7 June, 2022

  • Call for Research Proposals – We want to hear your ideas!

    Do you have an idea for the Research Hub’s next project? We’re calling on you to share any industry-related research questions or ideas you would like the Hub to investigate in the coming year. To do so, simply submit a Research Proposal...

    Posted: 14 March, 2022

  • The Anniversary of the Research Library (the First Project of the Research Hub)

    It’s the anniversary of the REAL Research Library! REAL are proud to announce that it’s the anniversary of the first project of the Research Hub titled ‘The development of a Research Library for the Organics Recycling industry’...

    Posted: 27 January, 2022